Custom Solutions

Our designs are modular which means we can take our PC Boards, Buttons, Processors and re-arrange them in any way and write code to perform just about any function.

If you have ever watched the show "Let's Make It" at you have seen us use our designs to build a few things already.  We have built a control device to mute and un-mute channels and groups on our sound board.  We use it weekly in the studio.  We have built an 8 line phone controller that controls our VOIP interface to the studio phone.

We will be offering some of our designs for sale at our "Let's Make It" store in the near future for those that like to make things.

However, we know not everyone wants or can make their own solutions.  That is where we can help you out.  We work closely with our enclosure designer as they are only about 10 minutes from us.  You can tell us what you want, we have them design the physical enclosure and chassis and we put together the electronics and programming.