Wirecast Remote LE

The Wirecast Remote software is software that was created by H3J.  It is the bridge between our hardware consoles and the wirecast software.


H3J Hardware Bridge

The Wirecast API is not a network based API. It works with software that is installed on the same machine. We created the Wirecast Remote to bridge our devices that reside on the Ethernet network to the software that resided on your switching machine.

And we did not stop with just a simple bridge, we hit it out of the park by adding features that do not even require our switching hardware and can make your Wirecast experience much better.


  • Hotkey setup to control Wirecast
  • Hotkey control of Wirecast
  • 2 Bus switcher interface to H3J control surfaces
  • Every button on an H3J control surface can be programmed
  • Multiple H3J control surfaces can connect at one time and interoperate
  • Automatic record timer
  • 2 Timers you can use for whatever you want

Below we will do a quick walk-through of some of the features and setup screens that are in the Wirecast Remote software.

Main Screen

This is our main screen.  We have built in a record timer that starts and stops automatically when you start recording in Wirecast.  We added 2 additional timers that you can use as you want.

At the top left you will see a dropdown list with the current profile name.  The pulldown list holds the last 20 profiles you have loaded and you can switch between profiles simply by selecting it from the list.  You can create a new profile or open a profile from the toolbar.

At the bottom you will see the currently active shows in all 5 layers, the active connections from the hardware controller(s) and the current Transition Speed and AutoLive setting.


 Hotkey Shot Setup


On the "Hotkey Shot Setup" tab of the Settings window, you can define up to 40 hotkeys.  For each hotkey you can setup from which layer you want the shot to load from, then select the shot from pulldown list.  You can apply a lower 3rd by selecting the lower 3rd from the dropdown list.

There is a check box that you can select to basically do an AutoLive for that shot only.  You can turn off AutoLive in Wirecast and select which shots you want to to automatically.

In the image above you see the "Learn" button.  In the Pro version of Wirecast Remote this button will listen for the MIDI command to trigger the action for this hotkey.


Hotkey Feature Setup

There are a couple of functions that still need a hotkey but are not shot related.  They are the Take Button, Record and Broadcast.  In the Hotkey Feature Setup you can set the hotkeys for these functions.

Like the previous tab, the Learn button will learn the midi codes for each of these functions in the Pro version of the Wirecast Remote Software.


 Control Surface Channels


The Control Surface Channels tab is where we get into the heart of the what this program was really designed for, linking the control surface to the Wirecast switcher.

There are 2 methods you can use to link the control surfaces to wirecast.  In a traditional switching system there are at least 2 busses, one for preview and one for program.  You select which shot you want to go live next in preview and when ready to transition you cut or auto the preview show to the program (live).

In this window you configure the control surface and define which show and lower 3rd, if any is applied to a channel.  In this configuration, the bottom row of the switcher is the preview and the row above is program.  Button 1 on the bottom preview row and button 1 on the program row are both linked to shot 1 in the Control Surface Channels tab.

If you do not use or plan to use Wirecast in this mode then look at just the Control Surface Special tab below.


 Control Surface Special

When any button is pressed on the control surface it sends to the Wirecast Remote the button that was pressed.  The numbers on our control surfaces are generally number from top left to bottom right.  In the Control Surface Special tab you can define what each button does when pressed.

If you do not use the program/preview busses in your workflow then you can setup what each button does in this tab.

If you do use the 2 bus program / preview, you still have unused buttons that we call user buttons.  This is the tab where you define what those extra buttons do.  If you are using a 2 bus workflow you will need a take or auto button.  You define which of the extra buttons perform those functions.

In this window, you pick the action you want the button to perform in the left column.  Based on that selection the next 2 columns will be either enabled or disabled and populated with the correct entries in the list.




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