The C100 is our entry level design into a desktop console style control surface. It is a beautifully designed black metal enclosure that fits right in with your other broadcast equipment.

Even this entry level device can control multiple different video switching hardware and software. And it can do this at the same time. This helps to future proof your purchase as your needs grow.

The design can take the beating of being transported around for portable shows and still look good sitting in your studio.

We designed the C (console) series of controllers to look and work like a traditional 2 bus switcher controller. For those coming from a traditional workflow you will be able to jump right in and get started.

Even though we designed the C series consoles to look and work out of the box as a traditional switcher, it can easily be reconfigured into just about any style of workflow you have. From an easy to use web interface you can re-assign each button for a different function. You can even determine which switcher the button controls. For example, in a complex workflow you can have buttons for channels 1 and 2 control one switchers and buttons 3-6 controll another.

For a real life example look at our complex workflows in the solutions area. Each switcher we can control has different features and our control surface allows you to adjust to these different features and how they work with our control solutions.

The C100 is easily hackable.  Our designs are modular and use the well known Arduino Galileo as the controller.  We will be making our libraries to control the hardware available to the public so you can make changes as you want.  For more details on how you can get the pc boards, etc look at the custom solutions section.