C Series Consoles

Our C series control surfaces are desktop consoles designed to fit right into your current workflow.  The whole idea of our control surfaces came from us having a very complex workflow.  Because of that we have built in all the features you would need to work in just about any workflow.

One of those features is the ability to control multiple switching devices and software from a single physical interface.  Our control surfaces can currently control a hardware switcher, the BlackMagic ATEM series of switchers, and the software switchers from Telestream, the Wirecast Series and also vMix.  We plan to continue adding more devices and software to our list of supported video switchers.

Currently there are just 3 C series models but there are more in the development queue that will be available soon.  We are working on some real out of the box ideas in some of these new switchers as well.

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Custom Solutions

Our designs are designed in a modular design.  This means that we can take our different modules and assemble them in an almost infinite number of ways to make a one of a kind custom solution for your specific needs.  Visit our custom solutions information.

Custom Solutions