New Features in 1.30.00 of the C Series Console's Firmware

We are adding a ton of new features to the C series of consoles.  If you have been using the C series of consoles then you know there are not many options in the menu of the console.  This is because most of our customers are using the consoles to control software based switchers and the options are setup in the client program.  We have a number of customers that are using an ATEM as the switcher and a software switcher to do the graphics, videos and streaming.

Over the past couple of months we have gained a number of customers that are using the console with just an ATEM.  The options we have currently for the ATEM are really basic and it is basically changes to fades, etc.

Because of the sudden increase in customers running just ATEM switchers, we are adding a long list of new options that can be used to adjust a lot of features on the ATEM right from the console.  We are also adding a bunch of quick access features.  Below is a list of features that are being added.  Our current plan is to have this new version in Beta testing by early August with a late August release.

Here are the current list of features in this Sprint:

  • Brand new menu system written from the ground up, replacing the open source menu system we were using
  • The bottom encoder can be assigned a default function like fade time adjust or scroll media, etc.  This will function as this default function when not in a menu.
  • Access to the media pool via the menu and we are adding media options to options on the buttons so you can setup buttons to scroll through the media pool.
  • We are adding the ability to setup the console to control the 2nd mix engine if there is one.
  • We are adding the ability to have 2 T-bars, one controlling each mix bus.  Obviously the current consoles only have 1 T-bar but our hardware bus can support 2 T-bars and now our software will support it, you can extrapolate what this means.
  • The extra row of user buttons can be configured as control for AUX outputs.
  • Picture in Picture if supported by the ATEM.
  • VGA switching ability.
  • Expanded DSK options.
  • Ability to adjust network settings from the front panel.
  • More built in tests for remote support

If there is a feature you would like to see added that you do not see listed above please let us know and we will get it on the list of new features that are to be added.  If it is soon, it might make it into this release but it depends on how big the request is and when we get it.

It has been a crazy summer

It has been a while since we put out a blog post so we better update you on some of what has been going on.  First, we have had major issues with our enclosure manufacturer.  We asked them to modify the back panel so it matched our new CPU and it took over 4 months to move a couple holes.  And, when we finally got the enclosures last friday, they were wrong.

We are working with a new provider already for our future needs, but the delay with the old provider really held us up for most of the summer.

We have a number of new products that you are going to see start showing up on the website.  Here are just a few:

  • Tally Products
    • We have POE powered ethernet based tally's
    • Bus based Tally products that have controllers that are either ethernet based or physical contact closure based
    • We have wireless tally products
  • New Switchers
    • We have our C100 in a rack format with a few extras as well.
    • We have a wireless controller that with the right antennas can switch up to over 1000 meters away.  This is great for a remote producer or a remote not always manned position.
  • Camera Controllers
    • We have a new camera controller specifically designed around the JVC GY-HM650.  It is like having a CCU unit for the camera.  Since the camera can be remote controlled via ethernet or wireless, we have written some source code that takes physical input like you have on a CCU and controls the camera remotely via ethernet.
    • We have a PT+LANC controller that allows you to take a low cost pan tilt head like a Proaim head, put a camera with LANC and control it remotely making a very effective PTZ camera.  Our controller allows you to control up to 8 cameras from one unit.

So that is a short list of the products we will be adding to site very soon.  We are doing the final testing and modifying the enclosures we got so we can put them together and get the pictures, videos, etc.

We have made some other significant changes recently too.  One of the biggest is that we can now support up to 32 boards in our designs  which means we can control up to 1024 RGB buttons from just our one breakout board.  We also now have built in tally support on our breakout boards as well.  What can we make with support for that many buttons and boards?  You just wait to see what we have been working on.....

More to come in the near future...

H3J Compared to Skaarhoj

I am about to do something that I do not like to do.  I am going to share with you a comparison between the H3J products and the only other independent control surface manufacturer that I am aware of.  First off though I need to say that I have heard nothing but great things about this company. 

To my knowledge the only other independent manufacture of control surface devices is Skaarhoj.  We became aware of his products after we started on our own projects.  And as I said, I have heard only great things about him and his products.  However, I am regularly getting emails asking for details compared to the Skaarhoj line of products so I put together a comparison of the H3J products and the Skaarhoj products. 


New Product Family - Remote LANC Control

A few weeks back we mentioned the new remote camera solution that we have built to control a web based camera with physical control.  At the same time we ran up against camera that were going to be hung up high on a lighting truss where it is not convenient to make changes to the camera.  We looked at using a very long LANC controller but the run would be too long.

We ended up developing a remote LANC controller that was powered with Power Over Ethernet (POE) that talked the LANC protocol.  We developed a 1U rack case that can control up to 8 of these remote LANC controllers.  In the development of the controller we added additional controls for future functionality we want to build into the remote controllers.

Keep an eye out for this new line of products to show up soon.

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