H3J is a brand name of Genius Idea Studio, LLC.  We design and manufacture electronic hardware and software.  We came across a situation in our video studio from a complex workflow implementation.  After thinking through the workflow and realizing that there was not a solution out there for our workflow.  We also realized that there was not a physical console solution for the software switchers.  That is how H3J was born.  We decided to design a solution for us and at the same time make it available to others that were in our same situation.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to design and build solutions for the video industry that are flexible, multi-vendor and most importantly, affordable.


Our Heritage

We have a rich heritage to support us.  The H3J brand is owned by Genius Idea Studio, LLC.  Genius Idea Studio is a software and hardware developer that have designed a number of embedded systems and web applications.

Genius Idea Studio also own Crazy Eye Studio, a video production company.  We also create and and produce regular video broadcasts on the and networks.

All of this heritage puts us at right place to develop these solutions for video producers and broadcasters.


  • Video Switch Control +

    We develop products that work with multiple video switching vendors. We want to be able to control any video switching device or software that has an API. We have a long list of new form factors and products in the queue. Read More
  • Video Routing Control +

    We can take our current modular design and have it control a video routing matrix. Currently we have been focusing on the Black Magic Design VideoHub. Here is a teaser... What if you could combine a video router and a switcher to increase the usable inputs? We have a patent pending technology that we will be announcing soon. Read More
  • Complex Workflows +

    This is how we got started with H3J. We have a very complex workflow that involves an ATEM hardware switcher and 2 Wirecast Switchers. Our products can control a complex environment all from one control surface. Read More
  • Signalling +

    We have a number of very cool tally signalling solutions. As a teaser, we have a patent pending solution that will expand the tally beyond physical bounds. Read More
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